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Hey, are you a gamer? Do you want to modify a genuine version of any video game? It means that maybe you want to add some extra features or keys in the game according to your choice. If yes, then you are at the right forum. I have a special gift for you which is XModgames app.


What is Xmodgames?

Xmodgames is basically an app which let you get mod versions of the games as well as you can improve game features according to your choices. There is a complete Xmodgames game list which a user can modify.

Now you might be thinking that it will be a difficult task to alter the game attributes. You have no need to worry my dear. Because the one only thing that you have to do is the selection of game which you want to improve.

Unfortunately, being a 3rd party app the Xmod APK app is not available on the Android official app store. You have to be more careful about that hundreds of alternatives to Xmodgames are in the market but they don’t work efficiently. To avoid this you can download it from the official website which I have mentioned in the installation procedure.

Surprisingly, the Xmodgames app is totally free. You don’t have any need to pay even a single penny. This aspect of the app attracts more the user. Because almost all apps that are available on this platform are free.

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Features of  Xmodgames

In this section, we will discuss the amazing features of the Xmod games APK app so that you can better understand the functionalities of the APK app. Some of the wonderful features of the app are:

  • The first and very interesting feature of the Xmodgames app for Android is that it assists you to hack any game of your choice.
  • There is a huge variety of mods of games available on this platform which plays an important role in enhancing the game performance of the player.
  • Surprisingly, some of the mods available increase the graphics of the game.
  • Eye-catching user interface.
  • One feature that you will really is that the user can interact with each other while using the app.
  • Completely safe in use because there are no bugs reported till now.
  • Data is updated on a regular basis in this it saves your time. Means you have no need to search for new content it will inform you via notification.
  • One feature which makes it unique from its competitors is the availability of its own plugins.
  • Due to the built-in plug-in if you are using the app it will automatically play the game without any difficulty.
  • The very first and foremost plus point of the app is that it helps to boost your game performance by facilitating you through different modes.

  • Interesting thing is that mods which are offered by the app give you countless chances to the gamer.

  • Xmodgames will also provide you an online platform. As seniors share their experience on a regular basis in this way this helps to solve out the problem.

  • Last but not least plus point of the Xmodgames APK app that can please you is the availability of the recording your gameplay.

  • So recording option makes possible for you to share Tricks and hack methods via recording media. This feature is special for those who have YouTube channels.

  • When a gamer is using this app then it is impossible to play a game on a merit basis.

  • Now the thing which I am going to share is very alarming for you. It is necessary for the user to be careful about it. That is with the utilization of this app your account can be blocked. But this is in the very rare cases.

  • The process of accepting the developer’s terms and conditions can be harmful to you.

Version Information

App Name: Xmodgames (Xmod)
App Size 9.5MB
Version 2.4.0
Supported On Android 2.3-6.0

How does Xmodgames APK work?

Before moving to our next section which is related to downloading and installation of the app. It considered it important to share the whole working strategy of the Xmod games so that your confusions about the app can be cleared.

Once you open the app, the list of Xmodgames game which is available to you in the form of mod version will be shown to you. Surprisingly, you can get all these games without any payment. Simply you have to patch the game which you have already installed. Finally, it will allow you to enjoy the desired features.

For example, suppose that someone is listing songs on Spotify premium apk Do you know what the surprising thing here is? That is a modification which allows you to grab the Songs without going outside of your pouch.

Similarly, in mod versions Xmod Games clash of Royale, you can see the weapons of your opposition which helps you a lot to attack them at a favorable time. In this way, the player has the opportunity to learn multiple tactics to defeat the enemy.

Is Xmodgames is legal or not? This is a debatable question. We will not indulge in this discussion. Because almost all games which are developed the Supercell have not fair play. But you have to be very smart while using these hacks. Because some of the game servers can block your account.

Now the Xmodgames APK app game latest version 2.3.5. Surprisingly, the more advanced version of the app 2.3.6 will also release in the near future with extra features.

Note: As you know many of the Android users have privacy issues. Due to which to protect their device from others they set a password. But most of the time it’s very difficult for you to remember lengthy passwords and forget your security code. Because of this, you caught a very big problem. So to avoid you from trouble a Password Manager is useful for you. So read more about Best Password Managers for free 2019 so that you can avoid for the next time.

How to install the Xmod Games APK app for Android

If you want to install the APK app for Android follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, download free Xmodgames APK latest version for Android.
  2. Before starting installation procedure go to “settings” of your phone.
  3. Now look for “app from an unknown source” option and activate it. This is compulsory to do. Otherwise, the operating system of the Android will not allow you to install the app.
  4. Then double tick on the Xmodgames APK file which you have downloaded.
  5. The system will ask for permission just click on the installation button.
  6. It may take a few minutes so be patient. Wait for a while until the installation process completed.
  7. Once you have done with the installation process the icon of the Xmodgames APK will be on your home screen of the smartphone.
  8. Finally, open the Xmodgames APK mode app and get the favorite tweaked game apps.

Download APK

How to download Xmodgames for IOS

Now in this section, I will share two methods to get the app on your iOS device. You have to choose which one is best for you according to your preferences.


Without jailbreaking iOS device:

One main advantage of this method is that as there is no requirement of jailbreaking so in this way you can protect your smartphone warranty. If you want to install xmod games iOS 12 without jailbreak your device then follow the steps are given below:

  1. In the very first step download deb application of xmodgames app from the link Xmodgames.deb.
  2. Remember that you have to get it first on your PC.
  3. After completing that step, now install iFunBox in your personal computer.
  4. Once you have done with the installation of iFunBox. Now it’s time to connect your PC with iOS device.
  5. In the very next step, you have to launch iFunBox in your PC.
  6. When you open the app an option “connect device” will show to you.
  7. A complete list of the available device will be given below.
  8. From the list, you have to choose “Cydia”.
  9. Now pull the previously downloaded file of deb file in the Cydia app.
  10. Finally, xmodgames will be automatically installed on your iPhone. And the icon of the app will be on the homepage of your smartphone.


Now without any limitation, you can launch XModgames APK latest version 2019 and enjoy tweaked apps.

How to install Xmodgames for IOS with jailbreak

Before moving towards installation guidance one thing that you have to be clear about is that if you are going to adopt this method then jailbreaking is required. Now the simple procedure to get Xmodgames IOS APK on your iPhone are:

  1. Firstly, you have to launch the Cydia app on your iPhone.
  2. Just after that look for “source”
  3. Click at the Edit button to proceed further.
  4. Once you will tap on the “add” menu it will seek to put “Cydia” URL.
  5. Now Goto this page
  6. Then enable the “Add source” option.
  7. Xmodgames app will start to download.
  8. Just after the downloading of the APK app. Double click on the Xmodgames downloaded the file.
  9. It will start to install. Be patient. Because it will take a few minutes.
  10. Finally, you will get the app on your iPhone. Enjoy your favorite games mod versions without any restrictions.

Warning! As jailbreaking & rooting is required to get the Xmodgames APK app on your smartphone. Due to which it will affect the warranty of your phone. So you have to be careful about this. And before going to use the app it is necessary for you to consider this factor as well. Most important thing is that if you are using the app there more chances that your account will be blocked by the official game server.

Xmodgames app for PC

Steps to download Xmodgames APK App for PC is given below:

  1. To download APK app you have to install App emulator “NOx Player” on your PC.
  2. After installation of NOx Player. Download Xmodgames app APK file.
  3. Now open the NOx Player.
  4. Then Enable the option “app from unknown sources”.
  5. Then download XMODGAMES APK new version.
  6. Locate XMODGAMES file in your PC.
  7. In the very next step open Xmodgames APK.
  8. Further window pop will ask for installation.
  9. For installation click on the installation button, the file will be installed.

Enjoy your favorite games and apps on your PC. By using this app store you can download your favorite games and apps in PC Windows without paying a single penny.

Games List

Games Name
Pokemon Go
Traffic Rider
Clash Royale
Jurassic World
Fallout Shelter
Clash of Clans
8 Ball Pool
Candy Crush Saga
Subway Surfers

FAQ’S about Xmod games APK

Question: What is Xmodgames 2019 app?

Answer: Xmodgames is an app store just like Google play store which has a huge collection of the mod version of apps and games for Android users. Unfortunately, because it is a 3rd party app therefore, Xmod games APK mirror is not allowed to run by the operating system of the Android.

Question: Why use Xmodgames App APK Android latest version?

Answer: It is special for those gamers who want to play genuine versions of the games with advanced modification just to enhance their game performance. It aids the gamer to download the modified versions of the games and apps for free.

Question: Can I download Xmodgames APK app new version on Android Smartphone?

Answer: As mentioned earlier that Xmod games APK is a 3rd party app. So you may have the wrong perception in your mind that it is not possible to get Xmodgames APK app on your Android smartphone. But dear I have good news for you. That is you can get this wonderful app on your smartphone.

Question: Is Xmodgames Android legal?

Answer: No, because it provides the player mod versions of the games. Means, when you are using this app indirectly a gamer is cheating with the game server. And as a sensible person, no one will think that deceiving is legal. It also allows you to install those games versions which are not legally restricted by the IOS and Android operating system. Due to this reason, it is not legal.

Question: Is Xmodgames APK app is safe?

Answer: It is very hard to say about it. But I will share the true story with you and the decision is yours. Listen you cannot install this app on your Android smartphone or IOS device without rooting or jailbreaking. And you know very well that jailbreaking or rooting harm your smartphone warranty. Due to this reason, I will not consider the app safe.

Question: Is it possible to download Xmodgames for free?

Answer: Yeah, Xmodgames mode is free of cost. You have no need to pay a single dollar to access it. There are also no extra charges. Now it is possible for the user to download all of the tweaked applications for free.

Finally, this was all about Xmodgames APK app Android app. This app is special for those friends who want to play game genuine version by adding some of their desired features. Give it a try. I assure that you are really going to enjoy it. I have tried my best to cover all the aspects of the app. Further, if you face any problem while playing the game or using the Xmodgames app. Ask a question. Don’t feel shy. Just comment in the suggestion box. I will be right there for your help. Stay tuned for more updates.

Enjoy your xmodgames app mod versions of games without any limitation. Good luck!